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    Updated: 05/05/2024

    Dear business builder,

    We get it.

    Your business is doing just fine without, or with an outdated, website.

    Word-of-mouth referrals have done you well so far and there’s a contact number and form on your current page, so why change anything?

    Well, did you know that your website could actually be HURTING your business and you’d have no idea.

    Do you know how many people visit your website?

    Do you know when people enter your website and leave without taking any action?

    Do you have an idea of how much money you could be leaving on the table because your website isn’t building trust?

    If you answered no to any of these, then keep reading.

    Look, I’m not trying to bring every aspect of your business online. I agree that business over the phone or in person outweighs an online form 10X.

    But what if your site had your phone ringing with eager clients throughout the day?

    And what if you could do all this: without changing the number of people visiting your site and within a few weeks?

    You're reading this now because 'just fine' doesn't cut it sometimes.

    Something deep inside you is shouting for more a consistent stream of customers with less effort finding them.

    Wanting to escape the cycles of good times and not so good times so you can enjoy more freedom and more time with your family.

    Whatever it is that's causing that voice, you can appease it by booking in a strategy call below.

    We’ve been working on websites lead conversion machines for years now. Mainly in-house, but now we’ve decided to take every secret we’ve learned and implement it for local businesses.

    Now, you can take advantage of this.

    As we’re ‘new’, as in we’re only just going alone, I’m opening up a limited number of discounted slots to build up our testimonials.

    You still have access to our years of experience, just at a discounted rate while we get cooking.

    We still know how to blow the socks off your site. The only negative is that you’ll be annoyed you didn’t supercharge your website sooner.

    In fact, I’ll even personally guarantee to get you double the number of leads with the same amount of traffic you have to your site now**.

    Sound good?! Holllld your horses for a second.

    **This offer is not for everybody.

    There are three important factors which must exist before you should even think about applying for this opportunity:

    1. You must already have some sort of analytics tracking running on your site. This opportunity isn't for newbies or businesses that aren't already advertising online. (If you want us to create a funnel and ads from scratch - you can book a call in to see if you qualify here).
    2. You must be willing to let us make the changes required to supercharge your site. We know what works and the cost is all on us, so we’ll hold all creative control. Because if any features aren’t ours - we can’t guarantee its success.
    3. You must not be selling anything even remotely sketchy, illegal, scammy, dangerous or in any way be involved in multi-level marketing. That's it.

    Does this opportunity interest you? Do you meet the above qualifications? If so, go below and book in a 30-minute strategy session with our team to see if we'd be a good fit.

    Don't fit right now? Sign up to our waitlist below and we'll send you some of the hottest tips for your website that will have other web designers squealing.

    5 shocking fatal errors that I see so many business websites make and how to fix them.

    Turn your website into a charismatic sales machine that feeds you leads daily and works around the clock so you don't have to. (Other web designers will be trembling if they find out I'm telling you these.)


    Transform your website faster than Grandpa Joe when Charlie finds the golden ticket

    How do we do it?

    1. Schedule a strategy call

    We'll do a FREE, no obligation, deep dive into your current website and uncover any hidden killers, destroying your conversion rates without you suspecting a thing. We'll then tell you exactly what you can do to elimate these - all completely gratis.

    2. We get to know your business more

    Nothing is more frustrating than a web design agency trying to push you latest designs when all you want is a convenient way for people to contact you - we know that. That's why we'll spend time getting to know you and your business and what will bring in those extra leads/buy you that extra time to spend with the family/whatever you're looking your website to do for you (we often uncover solutions that hadn't crossed your mind here).

    3. Show time

    We work our magic like a scene from the North Pole and you just wait for the gifts. Everything is tracked so you can see how much your site has improved and we can use the data to tweak accoridingly towards to your goals.

    4. Slap its ass and hand it over

    It's your baby now. Growing daily, filling you with joy. Of course, we'll still be here and we have a range of after care services to take your success further.

    Don't take our word for it...

    Word from previous clients

    We also have these pinned up on our noticeboard.

    • I’ve worked with Sam (DCL) for a few years now and he’s helped grow my business while giving back time through the online booking system. It still feels like a close knit, family operation, and it’s now easier for customers to book their passes and for me to manage those bookings.
      Owner @ P1 Parking
    • The Design Company of London helped us launch a professional looking music blog in weeks that helped us build authority in the industry immediately. We've managed to position ourselves and achieve things that simply wouldn't have been possible without it.
      Co-Founder @ No Taste
    • It was fun working with The Design Company of London. They go way beyond design and helped us figure out the exact information we need to show on our site to boost our conversions. They even implemented analytics to our site so we get regular reports on how we're performing - although our inboud leads were showing that too!!
      Founder @ PEEP

    From spreadsheets and non-stop phone calls to no manual entries, a quiet phone and 4X more bookings.

    This wasn't about fancy design. It very rarely is. There I said it. (A bit rich for The Design Company of London, I know, but hear me out.)

    We took a deep dive into what was bottlenecking growth for this car parking business next to Silverstone and caught three tasty opportunities.

    1. Online Bookings. A must. An absolute certainty. We also pinpointed that the existing customers trusted PayPal, so we integrated that in too. This led to hundreds of online bookings that were previously done over the phone or email. Speaking of which.
    2. Reducing phone calls and manual entry. With online orders, passes were sent out automatically and within minutes of the payment going through - all on autopilot. It then created a nice little customer list that can be used on the day of the race.
    3. Creating more trust. We said it wasn’t about fancy design, but a little design can make a huge impact. We humans make a judgement in 0.05 seconds. So if we fall on a site that looks shadier than a man in a long trench coat and bare shins, we ain’t buying. We fixed this with a few upgrades and trust signals to make sure the people landing on the site became customers.
    about image

    Never Asked Questions

    But we thought they'd be helpful to explain anyway.

    What kind of business do you work with?

    We work with every kind of business (so long as you're legit and not doing anything shady). It's all about us getting to know you, who ultimately knows your customers best and then designing a solution that gives you your freedom or the truckloads of leads you were looking for.

    What sites can you make?

    The question is really what we can't make. You need an ecommerce solution? Check! A one pager? Check. A shiny waitlist for your new startup? We gotcha! A simple website that handles complex data colletion and allows you to work only with your dream clients? Step right in.

    Are you like all the other design agencies I've spoken to?

    Skill wise? Most likely. Discovery, analysis and working to build you a bespoke solution that doesn't just include fancy new logos and brighter colours(-wise)? We're miles ahead. And we can even guarantee it if you qualify.

    Why is your strategy call booking form unavailable?

    Currently we're a small business who can only take a small number of clients. Since our requests can far outweigh our capacity, we'll occasionally have to close our strategy calls. You can use our contact form to let us know you're interested and we'll reach out when we have more availability.

    Do you offer marketing packages?

    Not at the moment, but it's on our roadmap. Let us know if that's something you're looking for. We work with businesses that have traffic, but need help converting those visitors into customers.


    Still not convinced (or just skipped to the end - hello)?

    Just jump on the phone


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